2016 Design/Build Trends Forecast

2016 predictionsWith the new year comes a new blog feature – our 2016 design/build trends forecast – what you can expect to see more of in the coming months. Many of these elements have been trending since last year but we predict there will be further iterations evolving. Several of these trends will become design staples – ideas that are here to stay, that possess a timeless quality. Read more…

Feinmann Finds: Rustic Elegance

As we all know, styles come and go in fashion, cars and home décor. As Heidi Klum would say, “One day you’re in and the next, you’re out.” So it’s no surprise when a particular look cycles back into popularity. The country look has made a comeback but now the style is called rustic elegance. You don’t have to live in a log cabin or a barn to enjoy this trend.

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HomeCentric: Living Well in Your Home Complimentary Showroom Event Series

Guests at HomeCentric Lunch & Learn eventRemember the United Airlines television commercial that shows a montage of people coming off a plane and being greeted by family and friends? The tagline was “We know why you fly…” That concept inspired Feinmann’s complimentary showroom event series this fall called HomeCentric: Living Well in Your Home.

Our series of lifestyle events feature professional organizing tips as well as entertaining and decorating tips for the holidays. We invite you into our showroom and share our resources with you. In December we’re planning a mother-daughter tea to benefit one of our favorite charities: Compass for Kids (Thursday, December 6th, 1-2:30 p.m.) Read more…

The Olympics of TV Viewing

London Bridge with Olympic ringsHave you been watching the summer Olympic games? NBC has offered an unprecedented 3,500 hours of coverage between the cable channels, livestreaming of events and the nightly “packaged” show. Maybe they should offer medals for those of us who take in all of the action! It certainly has provided a reason to watch the “telly” as the Brits say. While  the excitement of the competition unfolds, we’re thinking about ways to enhance the viewing experience. Read more…

Feinmann Finds…Shine On: High Gloss Lacquered Cabinets

Would you park your gleaming new, Ferrari in your kitchen? Probably not. But now there’s another way to bring some shine to your kitchen with high gloss lacquered cabinetry. These contemporary cabinets get their sheen with layers of sprayed lacquer paint, similar to the technique used on luxury automobiles.

Feinmann kitchen

This kitchen combines white, high gloss cabinets from Elmwood Cabinetry with maple cabinets from Greenfield.

Feinmann recently installed two kitchens with high gloss white cabinetry from Elmwood Kitchens – one with integrated pulls and one without hardware that uses a magnetic touch system. “It is a pristine, modern look,” says Kate Yurgelun, Feinmann designer. “They’re easy to maintain, too, strong and durable.”

Another option for a clean, glossy look is the acrylic, slab front doors from cabinet manufacturer Spazzi. Imported from Spain, the cabinets come in a variety of colors and patterns from white-on-white floral to subtle multi-colored stripes. Get your shine on with high gloss lacquered cabinets.


Feinmann Finds

Every Friday we bring you unique and interesting products and design elements for your home, suggested by our fantastic team at Feinmann.

Today’s find is from senior production manager Tammy Russo. She likes Stone Forest vessel sinks in granite and stone because “people love using natural materials.” Below are the Antiqued Milano Vessel sink, Drop in Bar sink and Beveled Round vessel sink in granite.

stone sink form Stone Forest








beveled granite vessel sink from Stone Forest

NKBA Reveals Top Kitchen & Bath Trends for 2012

It’s a little bit like Fashion Week to those of us in the Kitchen and Bath remodeling world: the week that the National Kitchen and Bath Association reveals their top trends for the year.

More than 350 National Kitchen & Bath Association member designers took part in the 2012 NKBA Design Trends Survey to cite the materials, product types, and styles that they’ve incorporated into their kitchen and bath designs over the final three months of 2011. While broad trends won’t be evident in every local market, the following are the top overall trends for kitchens and baths across the United States and Canada.

This Feinmann Design|Build kitchen remodel in Weston, MA shows off the 2012 NKBA trend of incorporating brown with white tones in the kitchen.


Listed below are some of the top trends:

• Cherry wood cabinetry is declining in popularity, and no single wood species is rising to take its place. Lesser-known woods such as oak, walnut and hickory are gaining market share. Demand for bamboo has doubled from 5% in 2010 to 10% in 2011. White alder holds 27% of the market, down from 40% two years ago. Dark natural finishes lead the pack at 53%, up from 48% two years ago. But medium natural finishes stand at 55%, and light natural finishes at 30%. Among painted cabinetry, white is the most popular options (59%) but the distressed look is making a comeback. Read more…

The Much Maligned Ranch House


Ranch houses are disappearing at a rapid clip these days.  In Lexington, those forlorn hold-outs seem to be awaiting their inevitable demise – replaced by chock-full-of –space, multi-storied homes.  It seems somewhat ironic that as the baby-boomer generation looks to retirement and “aging-in-place” life styles are becoming popular and desirable (as an alternative to assisted care settings), the building type that so well suits this population, the ranch house with its open plan, typical one-level living space and modest footprint is departing the scene in neighborhoods such as ours.


Ranch House kitchen remodel in Newton by Feinmann Design|Build  
















We’ve renovated a number of such homes, and it was instructive to find how readily they lent themselves to “updating” and how compatible they were with modern living.  The projects illustrated here required no structural changes or major dislocations to walls or spaces to achieve a compelling contemporary living environment.  Their concept of free-flowing spaces are inherently more in line with what today’s homeowners are seeking than are the more formal spaces of the traditional colonial house, so common and so sought after.  Those homes typically require more heroic efforts (structurally) to create the same desired flowing connected spaces.


Ranch House renovation by Feinmann Design|Build

So, as you pass by one of those hold-outs, don’t be too quick to dismiss them as irrelevant relics of a bygone era.

Current Kitchen and Bath Trends

The National Kitchen Bath Association (NKBA) recently surveyed many of its members to identify recent trends in kitchen remodeling.The survey noted dark natural finishes have overtaken natural and white painted as the most specified type of finish. Appliances still top people’s list for new ideas in their kitchens. Kitchen buyers are asking for wine refrigerators to meet the overall increase in wine drinking and one of the new hot appliances that ends up on people’s request list is the Induction Cooktop. Not surprisingly, the NKBA are seeing a decline in people’s use of incandescent lighting while people are asking more about LED lighting. One would expect to see an increase in the use of Compact Flourescent Lighting (CFLs) but designers don’t love CFLs due to the perception of the quality of light they produce. And consistent with people’s desire to recycle, more and more people are asking for cabinets that will handle not only their garbage but all of their recycling.

Kitchens and Baths are the most popular rooms of the house to remodel and there are some new trends in both areas.  In Bathrooms, the NKBA is seeing a move away from granite in the bathroom and an increase in Quartz as an alternative to the ever popular stone surfaces. It has taken some time, but people are getting more comfortable with these new man made materials. Undermount sinks continue to be very popular but we are seeing more requests for the very hot Vessel sink. People are also asking for Satin Nickel finishes on the bathroom fixtures from the more recently requested Brushed Nickel finishes.

A recent Feinmann bathroom remodel with Vessel sinks

When it comes to overall design and space layout, the NKBA has also noted different multi generational trends. The Baby Boomers are asking for a more standard 30” table in their kitchens compared to the 42” bar height sitting. Many Baby Boomers consistently ask for an open floor plan which both accommodates easier mobility and gathering for one’s family. The Generation X are asking for kitchen elements that ease their fast paced lifestyle. They want a computer near the kitchen to provide access to much needed information. While the Baby Boomer moves away from the 42” bar height counter, this height is regularly requested for friends and families to sit and visit. The Generation Y group are definitely looking for their kitchens to meet the needs of their young families and lives without children—places for snacks, pet food are regularly requested plus an entertainment area to meet their more technological tastes.

We’re always fascinated by the trends that emerge – what will it be next year? What are you craving in your kitchen or bath?