TOP 5 Reasons to Work with a Professional Remodeler

Planning-implementationWorking with a professional remodeler can mean the difference between a job well-done and a headache that won’t go away.

Have you ever heard the story about the DIY-ers who started a project but couldn’t finish it because they didn’t have the proper tools, training or follow-through? Or, the story about a friend who hired the least expensive contractor around, only to end up with a half-finished job?

We’ve heard just about every story under the sun and scratch our proverbial heads. Your home is probably your biggest asset, so why cut corners?  If you invest wisely in your home – such as working with a professional – not only will you be improving the value, but you will have the enjoyment of living in a well-planned, beautiful space, tailored for your needs. Read more…

On Tammy – Ode to a Great Project Manager

Some of you have asked to see Tammy Russo’s winning submission to the 2011 Silver PRISM Award for Project Manager of the Year. Our clients say it best, so we’ve selected some of the highlights from their letters that were included in the winning submission:


 ‘ “What in the —- is a plinth?!?” we thought to ourselves as Tammy was explaining a way for improving the look of the interface between a while wall and baseboard molding and a protruding (“proud,” we were to learn) maple cabinet. This perfect suggestion is just one example of how Tammy was able to apply her extensive knowledge, gained over the course of countless projects and life experiences, to help us solve many a design or implementation dilemma. In each case, Tammy was ready with an answer that made sense and was in line with the look and feel we wanted to achieve.

All that said about her knowledge, skills and style, we’re convinced that the key factor in Tammy’s ability to deliver the positive experience we had is that she was able to keep in true harmony with our ongoing situation and feelings – listening – sensing – the wavelengths we were on.  One morning, around the time that the project was nearing completion, we were frantically preparing to entertain in support of our son’s imminent wedding, fretting over how we could put the best face on our almost-finished but still-in-disarray abode – when out of the blue a cleaning crew arrived, along with a breathtaking arrangement of unusual flowers and vegetation, and a selection of delectable desserts.  Almost instantly, we felt relaxed and ready.’

– S.K and A.N.


‘Beyond the scheduling and coordination of the project, Tammy took the time to get to know us, to field our seeming endless list of questions, and to provide us with the benefit of her years of experience when we were unclear of a direction to take.  We truly felt she was invested in the project, and wanted the best for us and for our home.  We, without question, would want Tammy to manage any future projects in our home.



On winning the award…


‘If there were an award for best project manager ever, you would deserve it. In the meantime, congratulations on the project manager of the year award. You are the best and it’s great to see this publicly acknowledged by the industry.’

– D. & M.


Congratulations Tammy!!!

Tammy Russo, Senior Production Manager, has been with Feinmann Design|Build since 1993.