TOP 5 Reasons to Work with a Professional Remodeler

Planning-implementationWorking with a professional remodeler can mean the difference between a job well-done and a headache that won’t go away.

Have you ever heard the story about the DIY-ers who started a project but couldn’t finish it because they didn’t have the proper tools, training or follow-through? Or, the story about a friend who hired the least expensive contractor around, only to end up with a half-finished job?

We’ve heard just about every story under the sun and scratch our proverbial heads. Your home is probably your biggest asset, so why cut corners?  If you invest wisely in your home – such as working with a professional – not only will you be improving the value, but you will have the enjoyment of living in a well-planned, beautiful space, tailored for your needs. Read more…

Professional Remodeler

Professional Remodeler 2006
With baby boomers continuing to fuel growth in the residential remodeling market, it’s no wonder their penchant for high-end luxuries, amenities and design details have come shining through in this year’s winning Best of the Best Design Awards projects. This year’s award winning projects – more so than any previous year – exhibit the type of upscale flair boomers require in their homes.

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