Feinmann Finds: Fireplaces

Give any room an instant update with a fireplace makeover. Once upon a time, the fireplace served as a heat source and the main cooking spot but over time, the fireplace became more decorative, if still useful. Two of the most popular fireplace trends to emerge have been glass enclosed, gas burning fireboxes that are both efficient and esthetically pleasing. With the rise in heating costs, wood burning fireplaces and stoves are back in demand as well. Read more…

Feinmann Finds…The Perfect Round Table

Room and Board Benson tableOne of our clients was recently faced with a design dilemma and shared her solution with us for Feinmann Finds. The beautifully renovated eating area in Miriam Sadofsky’s kitchen was too narrow for a 48″ round table. She tried a 36″ table but found that it was too small for the space and thus began her search for the perfect 42″ round table. Read more…

Feinmann Finds…Let There Be Light!

Every Friday we bring you unique and interesting products and design elements for your home, suggested by our fantastic team at Feinmann.

An exceptional lighting fixture can bring a space to life. “Clients often want to make a dramatic statement by using a unique lighting fixture as the focal point in a room. A simple design can be enhanced with a novel fixture over a kitchen island or dining room table,” says Feinmann interior designer Kate Yurgelun. She chose three fixtures for this week’s Feinmann Finds. You can find these fabulous lighting fixtures (from left to right Adirondack, Tango and Mambo) from Corbett and Troy in a WaterSpot showroom.

Adirondack fixture by Troy Lighting

Mambo fixture by Corbett LightingTango fixture by Troy Lighting


Feinmann Finds

Every Friday we bring you unique and interesting products and design elements for your home, suggested by our fantastic team at Feinmann.

Today’s find is from senior production manager Tammy Russo. She likes Stone Forest vessel sinks in granite and stone because “people love using natural materials.” Below are the Antiqued Milano Vessel sink, Drop in Bar sink and Beveled Round vessel sink in granite.

stone sink form Stone Forest








beveled granite vessel sink from Stone Forest

‘Hot’ New Bath Product

Seeking that extra design detail to turn your home into your ultimate oasis? Look no further…our product expert and resident architect, Kert Heinecke shares his knowledge on Runtal’s new Bisque Line Hydronic Radiators, featuring both design and function to keep your home cozy and warm.  Stop by the showroom at the Runtal headquarters in Haverhill, MA to see the sculptural radiators in person.



Seta’s revolutionary design with rounded “pepper shaker tops” makes a bold and powerful statement. Perfect for placement under windows. Add the attractive chrome towel bar accessory and the Seta becomes a towel radiator

One of the most curious design trends in the US has always been our straight pragmatic approach when it comes to design and production.  If it does its job and does it for less, then it is a success in the US market.  This has been equally true of residential design, where every few years we look to Europe for inspiration and to break us out of our pragmatic tendencies. The idea seems to be that one day we take a look at our cabinets or ceiling fans and realize they are ugly and need a refreshing new look.  No sooner than we realize we can live beautifully with well designed functionality, we see that the work has already been done for us in Europe.

We are once again seeing this trend continue when it comes to hydronic radiators.  The next time you are looking to upgrade your heating components, take a look at the Bisque line being imported by Runtal North America. Beautifully handcrafted by artisans specifically for Runtal, these hydronic radiators can be connected to your existing hot water heating system as a replacement for existing baseboard or cast iron radiators.  They can also be used as a supplement in bathrooms, and pool rooms for heated towel bars.

Far from square, this new angular towel radiator makes a statement in a modern bathroom. The square tube design complements perfectly the very lastest trend of square faucets and fittings.