Feinmann Project Showcase: A Lexington Au Pair Suite

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Carving out extra room for live-in situations can present a challenge to a new generation of homeowners. Older homes often have separate quarters leftover from an era of domestic workers while newer homes do not.  Whether for aging relatives, childcare or guests, adding comfortable, upscale living space is a trend that continues to grow.

A young family with four children, living in a relatively new home in Lexington, approached Feinmann to renovate their basement with a complete au pair suite, including a separate entrance. Read more…

Helping Homeless Families in Massachusetts

What in the world do homeless families have in common with Peter Feinmann, the owner of a residential design/build firm? The answer is COMPASS for kids, the non-profit based in Lexington, serving parents and children living in shelters throughout Massachusetts.

A board member since 2007, Peter has been involved with the annual Shake-It event in Lexington and recently attended the annual New Directions fundraising luncheon. “We are proud of our association with COMPASS for kids and our contribution to this great organization, providing single parents and children the chance to leave homelessness behind them. Everyone deserves a place to call home,” Feinmann said. Read more…

Dancers Design in Lexington, MA

After what felt like a lifetime of dreaming of a different layout for their home, a Lexington couple finally decided to take the plunge with Feinmann Design|Build – calling the phone number off the brochure they had saved for several years.

Long time partners in life and on the dance floor, they sought a home in which they could practice their craft. They asked our team to create a plan that would transform the main living area from a compartmentalized space to an open floor plan. Visions of pushing the furniture aside, turning up the music and working on their choreography in their own little ballroom fueled the final design.

Working with our client’s request for a contemporary and open space, the plan required removing the walls dividing the living and dining area from the existing kitchen. The kitchen was then relocated to the back of the home, closest to the dining area – overlooking the new deck built to wrap around a cherished hemlock tree.  Open and bright, the kitchen ‘s vaulted ceiling and skylights offer glimpses of the many tall trees lining their back yard. Modern elements like stainless steel appliances, sleek door pulls and ‘green’ cabinetry connect the kitchen to the rest of the updated open floor plan. The living area is now closer to the front of the home, where the kitchen was previously located.  An open floor plan and added length guarantees that dance routines are no longer interrupted.

We wish our clients’ many years of blissful dancing and music in their new home!