Eat Meals at Home for a Healthier Lifestyle

calendar with post it note Are you ready for another school year and family meals? Schedules and calendars are filling up fast. Between afterschool activities for kids and hectic work commitments for parents, who has time to prepare a healthy meal, much less sit down to eat one? Yet experts tell us that eating at home is much healthier for us than eating out or grabbing a fast food meal on the road.

“Research shows that when you dine out, you tend to eat 185 calories more than when you make and eat dinner at home. Eat in more often for a slimmer, healthier you,” says Joan Salge Blake, Clinical Associate Professor at Boston University. She is the author of the book “Nutrition and You.”

So how do we squeeze quality, nutritious meals into busy schedules? One way is by using weekends to prep for the week: create a menu, shop and chop ahead of time. Another suggestion is to cook soups, stews and casseroles ahead of time. Slow cooking devices like Crock-Pots and rice cookers work well, too, with a little advanced planning. Try three-ingredient meals or pre-cooked items to incorporate into a dish such as a Rotisserie chicken, available at most grocery stores, BJs and Costco. Read more…