Winning Combination

Winning Combination Winning Combination Winning Combination Winning Combination

Lexington, MA Kitchen Remodeling Storyline

The owners of this Cape Cod-style home loved the intimate ambiance of their dining room, but the adjoining kitchen had begun to feel more cramped than cozy. Cut off from the dining room by a wall, the outdated kitchen no longer met the family’s needs, and its cabinetry and appliances had seen better days. The homeowners sought a more stylish, spacious setting for cooking and entertaining, but they didn’t want to add on to the house or sacrifice their separate dining area.

With those goals in mind, the Feinmann team transformed the two rooms into a more contemporary kitchen-dining area – creating a sense of spaciousness without adding an inch to the floor plan. Instead of taking down the existing wall entirely, the team replaced it with an attractive multipurpose divider that defines the kitchen and dining spaces. From the kitchen side, it’s a wall with built-in shelving; from the dining area, it’s a handsome furniture piece. The new layout promotes a natural flow between the kitchen and dining room, connecting them while providing a sense of enclosure for each space.

Fully updated with polished granite countertops, maple cabinets, and stainless steel appliances, the rejuvenated kitchen no longer needs to hide behind closed doors. The new cabinetry extends into the dining area, visually linking the two halves of the room and providing plenty of storage. Subtle touches in the dining room – like the refined cherry wood and sleek hardware of the cabinetry – set a more formal tone. With the renovation, the family achieved the best of both worlds; a roomy eat-in kitchen and a polished dining room that work well individually and even better together.

Our Client Said

“When thinking about remodeling our kitchen and dining room it was very important for us to maintain the integrity and charm of the Cape while at the same time allowing for our desire to add greater flow and natural light to the rooms. Feinmann understood that and worked to create a design that is open and airy while at the same time retaining the natural intimacy a Cape has to offer.”