Kitchen Renewal

Kitchen Renewal Kitchen Renewal Kitchen Renewal

Belmont, MA Kitchen Remodeling Storyline

Ready for a larger kitchen but wanting to preserve as much of the established footprint of their Gambrel style home brought these Belmont homeowners to the design team at Feinmann. By adding only a small amount of square footage to the existing kitchen, our team was able to accommodate a new airy space complete with an island, mudroom and additional cabinetry for storage. A plan was created to improve flow and add more working surface area while allowing for a mudroom by the door: all this by adding only three feet, nine inches.

Room for entertaining and cooking for a crowd was an important element for our clients, so the design included an island with ample seating, a wine cooler and a cook top with downdraft ventilation. Views of the backyard and deck through a large picture window over the back counter and sink allow the host to be included in the party when guests are out on the deck. The impact of the addition on the deck, which was recently installed, was a concern to the homeowners. An innovative solution to simply remove sections of decking in order to build the foundation for the addition minimized the impact on the deck and landscape.

Desiring a mudroom but not wanting to close off the space from the rest of the home led to the solution of utilizing the original exterior wall supporting beam as the corner for a bench and cabinet. The bench provides space for removing and storing shoes while the glass door hutch above is a perfect place for storing wine glasses within easy reach of the wine cooler.

Our Client Said

“Who would have thought that 3 feet and 9 inches could create a space where form, function, fashion and light would become the kitchen of our dreams. That was Feinmann’s vision from the beginning. Thank you to the entire Feinmann crew for your guidance, your handholding, and your expertise.”