European Contemporary Kitchen Remodel

European Contemporary Kitchen Remodel European Contemporary Kitchen Remodel European Contemporary Kitchen Remodel European Contemporary Kitchen Remodel European Contemporary Kitchen Remodel European Contemporary Kitchen Remodel

European Contemporary Kitchen Remodel

Feinmann, Inc. was hired to transform this 27-year-old traditional kitchen into an open, modern space that now offers clean, contemporary aesthetics, wooden artistry, and a backdrop to integrate their artwork, all while bringing a new level of functionality to the space. It was important to this third time client to stay in their home and continue to grow with and love it even more.

Specifically, Feinmann met the challenge of creating a larger kitchen within the limitations of the abutting driveway and access to the garage. They did this by bumping out the exterior wall and creating an architecture angle in the kitchen, which also supported the contemporary design the clients wanted. This also allowed us to create balance architecturally between the office and kitchen on the opposite side of the house, by continuing the language of the 2011 renovation. Adding to the artistic interest, we elevated the ceiling with a unique angle making the space feel even larger and more expensive.

The contemporary kitchen features modern wainscoting in a beautiful white oak composit by Tizzoni featuring an organic wood grain element that flows horizontally. This linear matching helps to further push the eye along the exterior plain. In addition, there are no handles.

The Porcelanosa Floor tile in Detroit Antracita Lap (23×23) without grout features a slight texture and helped to create an optical illusion by making it seem larger by pushing the eyes towards the windows and reinforcing the perimeter of the cabinetry on the exterior wall. The darker floor texture also helps push the horizontal platform and grounds it by showing contrast between the floor and cabinetry. Stepping from the dining room you naturally want to follow the exterior wall angle. An additional feature also included radiant floor heating.

Above the sink, where a small window formerly existed, the owners wanted to make it more private, but still allow natural light to shine through. Feinmann’s solution was to create glass wall cabinet, thereby creating linear continuity throughout the exterior wall. It almost stands out as its own piece of artwork. Three things are happening where the new window lives; it is frameless with just a piece of glass, it has a countertop that bleeds into the opening of the windowsill, and the countertop integrates into the opening of the window. The integration of the countertop surface and cabinet above now evokes reflection and light while providing the same alignment with the rest of the space, as well as helping to visually push the ceiling higher.

Finally, we made the breakfast nook look minimalistic by embedding and entire wall of Marvin windows within the frame of wall to make it look like a glass wall with casing that mimics the wainscoting. What was once very dark is now bright and allows for natural light to pour through the kitchen.

Our Client Said

“We’ve worked with Feinmann several times on major projects and it is a great pleasure to work with them. This is our third time hiring them because we wanted to continue to stay in our home and love it even more.”