Elegant Bathroom

Elegant Bathroom Elegant Bathroom

Winchester, MA Bathroom Renovation Storyline

This Winchester family hired Feinmann to renovate a guest bath in their 1986 Tudor-style home. The room, while fully functional, lacked the elegance and modern touches that the homeowner wanted for their guest suite. Working together with Feinmann, they described their goal: to maintain the integrity of the room’s character while updating its fixtures and style.

To create a room that felt both contemporary and authentic to the rest of the home, we began by deciding what original elements should be kept, and what should be updated. The beamed ceiling was original to the home and in excellent condition, so we painted it to match the other woodwork, and echoed the warmth of the wood by installing wainscoting on the walls to replace the tiny multicolored tiles, which were worn and outdated. Because the room was narrow, maximizing space was important. A custom built cherry vanity provides much needed storage while preserving floor space. The decision to replace the old cast iron radiator with a slim European Runtal model, which sits flush against the wall allows the shower door to swing open more fully and provides additional warmth when needed.

To freshen the entire room, Feinmann chose grey-veined marble tiles for use in both the shower and the bathroom floor. To maintain design continuity, we used the same marble for the vanity top. Wall sconces and the wood framed mirror bring additional warmth to the bathroom. Updating the claw-foot tub with a new, beautiful freestanding tub with nickel fixtures completes the elegant and fresh look the clients desired.

Our Client Said

“You have a fantastic group of people working for you who are dedicated to fine craftsmanship and service. They were all so pleasant to work with, and we enjoyed engaging with them regularly, as well as watching the magic happen! You deliver on your promise of customer satisfaction. And thanks for having a great group of professionals that know how to work together to resolve any issues that arise as the job unfolds.”