Houzz Pro Spotlight: How to Enjoy Bright, Airy Living Year-Round

Peter Feinmann was recently interviewed for a Pro Spotlight in Houzz. 

The article focused on opening up your indoor spaces using these tips:

1. Go Big With Your Moves
Think about ways to open up space in your house by taking out walls or rooms. “Remove something or give up something to let in more light and create more connectivity,” says Feinmann, who encourages homeowners to try out big ideas.

2. Deftly Define Spaces
“Keep the spaces [in your home] defined so they don’t bleed into each other,” Feinmann says. Even with an open floor plan, you still want people to feel comfortable and cozy.

3. Spotlight Gathering Places
Add windows and light to create spaces where family and guests will want to gather. Adding a wall of windows and glass doors can completely brighten the room. A two-tiered central island can offer extended seating for welcome guests.

See the complete spotlight here.