Valentine’s Day in the Boudoir

vday heartWill you be spending part of your Valentine’s Day in the boudoir? Is your master bedroom romance-worthy? Or is it filled with clutter? As a residential design/build firm we renovate a lot of kitchens and baths. We’ve written a lot about kitchens and baths. But master bedrooms and other sleeping quarters in our homes deserve our attention, investment and design work, too. And not just on or because of Valentine’s Day…Boudoir illustration

Historically the boudoir was a woman’s bedroom or sitting room. It originated in France, from the French word “bouder” which means to sulk. Over the years boudoir has taken on different connotations, including some rather risqué behavior. We can thank in part the saucy Mae West for that. A genre of sensual or sexually explicit photography became known as boudoir style. But we digress! In this case, we’re referring to the boudoir as the bed chamber, with or without the fainting couch.

Feinmann Newton MBIn fact, we believe our bedrooms are our sanctuaries – havens away from the chaos and clutter of our daily lives. They embody places to relax and sleep, to renew and connect with significant others. What does your bedroom say about you? Does it reflect your lifestyle?

Over the years we have helped our clients reclaim their master bedrooms and create the kinds of spaces that reflect their desires. We’ve built deluxe closets for clients to help them control the clutter and we’ve reconfigured upstairs spaces to create master suites that include fabulous master baths.  We’ve worked with clients on their guest rooms and au pair suites, too. The bottom line is that we can transform the way you live in your home – not only your kitchens, baths, studies, mudrooms, basements and attics. We can help you recapture the romance and revitalize yourself with a master bedroom makeover! Happy Valentine’s Day!MB built in closet NewtonMilton master bedroom by Feinmann

Feinkmann Belmont MBau pair suite by Feinmann