Trends That Shaped Home Design and Décor in 2016

Last January we made some home design predictions based on client requests and overall industry trends. While we were right on most counts, we missed mentioning a few design and décor trends that shaped 2016. Free-standing soaking tubs continued to be a trend throughout 2016. In fact, we predict it will become a staple for the rest of this decade, along with spacious showers. Another trend that has continued to grow in popularity is the open-space floor plan that combines living and dining areas, often open to the kitchen.

Our Newton addition project, Splitting the Difference, is a prime example of how to make that work.

Feinmann Newton addition after image
Smart Appliances and Lighting Technology

We also nailed our prediction about new LED products and the surge in smart home apps that control automated lighting features. Smart appliances got even smarter! We wrote about the Miele Hood that knows to turn itself on when the cooktop heats up. You can pre-heat your oven on your way home from work or adjust the cooking temperature from another room in your house.  Look for more of these options in 2017. Induction cooktops are becoming even more popular than before. They have a lot to offer: cool-to-the-touch surfaces, sleek looking, and quick cooking capabilities. The look of appliances will get more sophisticated, too. One of the trends we missed was black stainless steel appliances like this refrigerator from KitchenAid.


Matte vs. Shiny Materials

Although we were clued in on the trend of texture in design – from tile to fabric to wallpaper – we didn’t realize how big the matte movement was in 2016! The black stainless steel appliances are just one example. We should have guessed, though, since matte lipsticks started hitting the runway in 2015…and the home design industry and the fashion industry are closely linked. The only place shiny won is in the glass category. Glass was everywhere in 2016 – on countertops, tile and even staircase railings. Recycled, frosted, crackled and antique are just a few of the options available these days…The shower door in this master bath is textured to appear like streaming water. Other glass elements are colored and plain. Look for more mixing of textures and materials in 2017 as that trend continues.

Feinmann master bath renovation