TOP 5 Reasons to Work with a Professional Remodeler

Planning-implementationWorking with a professional remodeler can mean the difference between a job well-done and a headache that won’t go away.

Have you ever heard the story about the DIY-ers who started a project but couldn’t finish it because they didn’t have the proper tools, training or follow-through? Or, the story about a friend who hired the least expensive contractor around, only to end up with a half-finished job?

We’ve heard just about every story under the sun and scratch our proverbial heads. Your home is probably your biggest asset, so why cut corners?  If you invest wisely in your home – such as working with a professional – not only will you be improving the value, but you will have the enjoyment of living in a well-planned, beautiful space, tailored for your needs.

Here are 5 more reasons:

  1. Designers ask the right questions to get to the essence of what you need for your home. They can phase a project so that you do not end up re-doing a space down the road.
  2. Architects, architectural designers, and kitchen and bath designers are trained to know about scale, proportion and structural issues, i.e. removing load bearing walls.
  3. Designers and project managers can help you make the right selections of lighting, appliances, plumbing fixtures, flooring and more.
  4. The best professionals will take responsibility for their work so that if something goes wrong, an order comes in broken, etc., they will handle the problem.
  5. Professional teams know how to plan projects and schedule subcontractors so your project doesn’t take forever.

Here are another top 5 reasons for working with a professional team – our team   that will make your experience a lot more pleasurable than you might imagine!

One team, one company, one voice headshots Feinmann

  1. Peter Feinmann, our visionary founder and President of the company
  2. Dave Wittig & our top notch, award-winning Project Management team Tammy Russo, Kyle Dube, Steve Prittie & Craig Oman
  3. Barney Maier & our award-winning architectural design staff
  4. Chris Gonzalez & our award-winning lead carpentry staff
  5. Jean Ducott & our office management staff

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