Sustainable Energy + Earth Day 2015

solar panels and earth illustrationHappy Earth Day 2015! Feinmann believes in sustainable energy Рboth renewable energy and energy efficiency. Since we started in business more than 28 years ago, we have been at the forefront of the remodeling industry efforts in these areas. Feinmann has been working with the best insulation materials to boost home energy efficiency in our projects. Renewable energy sources like solar and wind are becoming more mainstream than ever before.

Feinmann has been researching the move to add solar panels to our building. After one false start – and buyer beware! – more investigation is warranted. We will keep our clients and readers posted on any decisions we make and offer advice when we can. Although the experience hasn’t been a positive one, we are far from discouraged about renewable energy sources.

Beyond renewable energy and energy efficiency, Feinmann has also been ahead of the curve on water conservation. In two recent projects, the Feinmann design/build team worked with local conservation organizations to minimize the impact on the environment and save this precious resource. Installing a rain collection system in this Belmont screened porch project, A Room for All Seasons, has been a great way for these homeowners to recycle their water supply, saving money and helping Mother Nature with her job. Dealing with wetlands in a Lexington project, Food Pro Relishes New Kitchen, meant maximizing space with a small addition to create a minimal impact on the landscape.

Belmont All Season Room Exterior

Our design/build team also uses thoughtful planning and processes to use renewable or local¬†materials and to recycle leftover materials when we can. The point is that we don’t only think about the environment and our impact on it on Earth Day. We think about it every day. As the industry begins to develop more economical products and tools to reduce the impact of remodeling, we are discussing these options with our clients all the time. And proud to do so!