Shower Enclosures Worth Screaming About

Janet Leigh PsychoJanet Leigh might have had a fighting chance if she had been showering with a glass door enclosure. And thanks to improved technology – mainly tempered glass and newer hinges and epoxies – frameless shower doors have gone mainstream. Frameless doors provide a luxurious, beautiful look.

The Feinmann design/build team uses frameless shower doors in most projects. Even beyond the glass door, our design staff has added more glass wherever possible. A silicone corner allows glass to meet glass. “The eroded corner extends the vista,” says Barney Maier. “In smaller spaces if you’re able to erode the corner, you don’t feel so enclosed. That’s why we’re using this approach in so many projects.”

In this Distinctively Modern Bathroom, Feinmann used frosted glass panels in the shower enclosure. The frosted glass integrates well with the glass tile and vessel sinks.

Distinctively Modern-Belmont-Bath-After-Wide AngleDistinctively Modern-Belmont-Bath-After-Sink Close up

But you don’t have to have a modern bath to go frameless or to use glass corners to gain a sense of spaciousness in your shower enclosure. It works just as well in traditional and transitional settings. Visit our website bath gallery to see more examples.

Masculine Retreat-Arlington-After-Shower view