Master Bath Luxury

old tubAmong the most requested projects we get after kitchen renovations are master bathrooms. Homeowners crave the luxury of the master bath, but it wasn’t always the case. The rise of the spacious and luxurious master bath began in the 1990s when a design shift occurred. For most of our history, bathrooms were a utilitarian space, shared by all. Luxury was considered having more than one indoor bathroom!

As we began having more leisure time, and spending more time in our homes for something other than just eating, sleeping and using the bathroom, our notion of home began to change, and with it the design of our spaces. The master bath became more of an expected element in upscale homes, in the city and suburbs. In older homes that typically didn’t have large closets and bathrooms, that meant either adding more square footage or reconfiguring the existing layout to accommodate a master bath. That was the solution for an Arlington family in a Queen Anne Victorian. The result is a spectacular, award-winning master bathroom and a beautiful family bath.

Feinmann Master Bath renovation Arlington








Another recent renovation in Andover also “borrowed” space from a nearby master bedroom closet. More and more clients are asking for the “bells and whistles” in their master bathrooms – soaking tubs, steam showers with built-in benches, a variety of shower heads, heated floors and towel warmers, and streaming music and TV. There are often separate toilet alcoves or water closets. sometimes with pocket doors. View all of our baths.

Andover Master Bath before Feinmann renovationFeinmann Andover master bath main view








Although more clients are asking for large showers, we still get requests for soaking tubs (which have replaced the old Jacuzzi baths that were popular in the 1980s.

Concord condo master bath renovation by Feinmann