The Olympics of TV Viewing

London Bridge with Olympic ringsHave you been watching the summer Olympic games? NBC has offered an unprecedented 3,500 hours of coverage between the cable channels, livestreaming of events and the nightly “packaged” show. Maybe they should offer medals for those of us who take in all of the action! It certainly has provided a reason to watch the “telly” as the Brits say. While  the excitement of the competition unfolds, we’re thinking about ways to enhance the viewing experience.

Do you have a room devoted to TV watching or is it a multipurpose space? Either way, there are wonderful ideas and resources to make sure you’re seeing all the games in comfort. The good news is that anywhere you desire to watch TV is the right place to watch – the rules against having a television in the living room or bedroom are passé, according to interior designer Leslie Fine. Read her blog post about TV viewing.

Bookshelves and TV over fireplaceIf you’re looking to make a special room to watch TV, you can build a home theater in your basement or turn an underutilized space into a cozy media center. Feinmann can take your vision of the perfect place to watch TV and turn it into reality. If your family room is the TV headquarters, maybe it just needs a facelift or better storage solutions. Feinmann recently updated this home with bookshelves and the family added a flat screen TV over the fireplace.

With the latest advances in technology, watching the London Olympics is a vast improvement over decades past. It all depends on the equipment. George Lellios of Audio Concepts shared his thoughts on the Olympics with us. “What comes to mind is how amazing the athletes look in high definition!  Two events that really stood out were swimming and track.  With swimming, the ability to actually see how close some of the matches were is amazing plus the underwater cameras provided a spectacular and detailed view of the techniques each of the talented competitors used.  With track, the fitness of each athlete was shown in very clear detail, especially in the slow motion replays of their heats.  These are truly spectacular individuals.  For us as viewers, the high definition experience on a large flat panel TV brought us much closer to the action and the experience of being in London.”

“A capable surround sound system furthered the experience, dramatically.  The “big picture” put one nearer the athletes but the excitement of the crowd, the cheers as the American swimmers Lochte, Phelps, and Soni and gymnasts Douglas and the rest of the women’s team fought for gold put you right there.  As the attending audience’s excitement rose and they became louder, you became more enveloped and couldn’t help but but feel more into the on-screen action, and have your heart pound.  Try listening to the finals with the sound muted or via the TV’S speakers; the experience isn’t nearly as interesting or involving.  That’s the power of quality surround sound,” Lellios explains.

“Besides the big screen HD TV and the surround sound system, one other important device every Olympic sports fan should own in this age of multiple events across multiple channels; an easy to use Universal remote.  Today’s cable remotes have too many buttons of things you don’t need or use, and not enough of what you need, such as easily accessible favorites.  With a universal remote, you can select your favorite event by pressing a graphic logo of the channel you want to watch.  It’s that simple.  Plus, you can change channels AND control the surround sound volume at the same time from one remote. And today, we can even bring that easy experience to your iPad.”

Convenience and comfort are the watchwords when it comes to a gold medal standard of TV viewing.