Let Design Drive Your Project

3D rendering master bath BostonWe tell our clients: let design drive your project. And the reason is simple – a well-conceived project will be a well-executed project, aesthetically and functionally. How do we know this? With almost 30 years of experience renovating homes and 60+ awards, you can believe that we know what skillful design can bring to a remodeling project.

A well-designed project starts with a dream, a vision, a desire, and a design challenge. The savvy homeowner finds an excellent professional team, experienced in collaboration, and begins planning. There are multitudes of decisions to be made during a renovation so be prepared. Do your homework. Think about who you want to work with because these people will be in your home. Think long and hard about your budget and your goals.

Then once you’ve put your team in place, trust the professionals to do what they do best. Our firm of architects, designers, project managers and support staff all collaborate with our clients ensuring they have the best experience possible.  We’ll create a project that resolves your design dilemma and transforms the way you live in your home.

Feinmann Westwood home renovation Westwood home renovation

We have found the clients who are the best match with Feinmann bring to the table:

  • A desire to create something of lasting value for their home
  • An open mind for design schemes
  • A collaborative spirit
  • The ability to make timely decisions and to communicate openly
  • Trust and respect for the professionals they work with
  • The resources to bring their vision to life

Why work with Feinmann?             

  • We’re a team that listens to what our clients need and knows how to interpret and respond to what they want.
  • We provide good value and a design appropriate for the budget
  • We have a proven structured process so clients know what to expect
  • We build great relationships with clear and consistent communication
  • We pay attention to details from beginning to end through all stages of the project: sales, planning, design, production and completion.
  • We deliver a beautiful project that clients love.

Feinmann happy clientsHow do we know that our clients love our work? They come back again and again and write us glowing testimonials. Most importantly, when problems do arise (and they do), we are upfront and we stand by our work.

You should look like this at the end of your project. And you will!