Feinmann Finds: April Showerheads

We’re talking about April showers here but not the outdoor kind. Some of our favorite showerheads deliver streams of water like rain.   


We like the Hansgrohe Raindance imperial flush mount system.  With water conservation becoming more and more of a concern, manufacturers have turned to technology to enhance performance while reducing water flow rates. According to Derek Taylor, a product specialist for Hansgrohe, they developed their AirPower line to solve the challenge of using less water without compromising the shower experience. “The air is a way for us to dramatically reduce the flow rate without sacrificing the comfort of the showerhead,” says Taylor.  “Water enriched with air produces droplets that are bigger, lighter and softer.”


If you do your best singing in the shower, like the undertaker character in Woody Allen’s movie “ To Rome with Love”, then the Kohler Moxie showerhead is probably for you.  Using Bluetooth technology, the Moxie showerhead syncs with smartphones or mp3 players and can be detached for use outside of the shower as well.


Others let you personalize your settings and it remembers them for you! Moen and Grohe (Power & Soul) both have models that offer a variety of state-of-the-art spray patterns. Whether you prefer handheld or wall mounted models, and no matter what kind of shower experience you desire, there’s probably a product that can be installed to satisfy.  Like the Kohler commercial, we can design an entire bathroom around the showerhead of your dreams!


And if you’re interested in good shower lighting, our friends over at Yale Lighting & Appliance recently gave some great suggestions on their blog.