Awesome laundry rooms make happy moms!

One way to make a mom happy is to give her an awesome laundry room in which to do the dirty work! We agree that some of the most memorable days end with the dirtiest clothes and that every stain has a story to tell. Since women do more than 15% more laundry than men according to the American Time Use Survey, we think great laundry spaces are worth the investment. With Mother’s Day on Sunday, we wanted to spotlight some of our recent laundry room success stories. Although some are only closets, they make the chore easier to handle.

We also love these laundry hacks. And check out these fun laundry room signs on Pinterest, too.

Wishing all of the moms we know a day off from the laundry and a Happy Mother’s Day!


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Remodel or Move? Feinmann Answers


home for sale signOne of the questions we’re often asked is whether to stay and renovate or to sell and move. Although we’re nothing like the show Love It or List It, we want to help you make the right choice for you and your family based on our almost 30 years in the design/build business. There are a variety of factors that go into this decision, some financial, some emotional. Ask yourself:

  1. Do we love our neighborhood enough to stay?
  2. Will our home become the most expensive house on the block and is that worth it to us?
  3. Are we ready to take the plunge into a home makeover project and all that it entails?
  4. Are we in a position to move to another house and take on those challenges (Financial and otherwise)?
  5. What is our timeline?

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Master Bath Luxury

old tubAmong the most requested projects we get after kitchen renovations are master bathrooms. Homeowners crave the luxury of the master bath, but it wasn’t always the case. The rise of the spacious and luxurious master bath began in the 1990s when a design shift occurred. For most of our history, bathrooms were a utilitarian space, shared by all. Luxury was considered having more than one indoor bathroom! Read more…

Sustainable Energy + Earth Day 2015

solar panels and earth illustrationHappy Earth Day 2015! Feinmann believes in sustainable energy – both renewable energy and energy efficiency. Since we started in business more than 28 years ago, we have been at the forefront of the remodeling industry efforts in these areas. Feinmann has been working with the best insulation materials to boost home energy efficiency in our projects. Renewable energy sources like solar and wind are becoming more mainstream than ever before. Read more…

Framing the View

Chef's Kitchen-Arlington-After-Exterior viewSee the world outside your windows in a whole new light by framing the view. Placing a window in an unexpected place (near a bench in an entryway or above the stove in a kitchen) gives the viewer a particular perspective, captured like in the viewfinder of the camera. There is a delightful focus in a framed view. Read more…

Feinmann Hosts Home Design & Renovation Workshops

Feinmann remodeling workshop flierDoes your house look and function to meet your lifestyle? You have the right to be happy in your home by enhancing your surroundings and transforming where you live. If you’ve been thinking about renovating your house, we invite you to attend our free Introduction to Home Remodeling Workshops on Saturday, March 28, 11 am – 12:30 pm; Wednesday, April 8, 6:45-8:30 pm; Thursday, April 30, 6:45-8:30 pm. All workshops take place in the Feinmann showroom and advance registration is required.

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Valentine’s Day in the Boudoir

vday heartWill you be spending part of your Valentine’s Day in the boudoir? Is your master bedroom romance-worthy? Or is it filled with clutter? As a residential design/build firm we renovate a lot of kitchens and baths. We’ve written a lot about kitchens and baths. But master bedrooms and other sleeping quarters in our homes deserve our attention, investment and design work, too. And not just on or because of Valentine’s Day… Read more…

Ice Dams 101

ice dam‘Tis the season…for ice dams. Current weather conditions make our homes vulnerable to icicles and ice dams. Many homeowners may not know the basics so we’re offering Ice Dams 101. We asked our experts here at Feinmann – our wonderful Project Management team –  about ice dams, causes and prevention.

Q: If an icicle is present, does that mean there’s an ice dam?

A:  Not necessarily but it is an indicator that there is a potential for an ice dam to form. Read more…

How does your home handle #Back-to-School time?

backtoschoolWe all know what #backtoschool means; an influx of stuff into our homes like new clothes, backpacks, sporting equipment, books, homework and papers galore. The question is – how does your home handle back-to-school time? Do you have a place for everything? A spot where Junior can do homework within eyeshot of mom or dad? A place for your teenager to read? Have you devised a way to organize all of the hustle and bustle?  A place to file the paperwork? Read more…