Framing the View

Chef's Kitchen-Arlington-After-Exterior viewSee the world outside your windows in a whole new light by framing the view. Placing a window in an unexpected place (near a bench in an entryway or above the stove in a kitchen) gives the viewer a particular perspective, captured like in the viewfinder of the camera. There is a delightful focus in a framed view.

The Feinmann design team used this concept in a Lexington home with Eastern influences. We’ve used a variety of window shapes and sizes in our projects to add interest, sophistication and to solve design dilemmas.

Asian Inspiration-Lexington-Exterior Night AfterFeinmann Roslindale Kitchen Main





While renovating a Roslindale kitchen, the owners didn’t like the lack of privacy because of the proximity to their neighbor’s home, but they didn’t want to sacrifice natural light. The solution was to add transom windows above the stove along that wall.

In a Burlington project, the clients wanted to expand their cramped 1960s raised ranch. The Feinmann design team devised a plan that would create a connection to the house from the garage with a new entry in front and a door to the backyard as well, all while preserving the character of the original house. The new “loft-like” addition is filled with light from a wall of windows. A small square window by the entryway gives a birds-eye view of the yard.


Burlington exterior







Capturing the view vs. Entering the view

A few years ago, Feinmann was asked to remodel the living room of a home overlooking the water in Manchester-by-the-Sea. Hard to believe, but the room was originally designed in a way that did not take advantage of the magnificent scenery, so the Feinmann design team changed the room to capture the spectacular coastal view.


Lexington, MA kitchen remodel





In another favorite project, by using a boxed bay window, the owners could feel as though they were entering the garden, bringing the outdoors closer to them each time they sat at their kitchen table.

Jamaica Plain kitchen remodel imageA client in Jamaica Plain asked us to provide her with a view to her urban garden scape at the rear of her home. By removing an unused chimney and rearranging the space, Feinmann created a breakfast nook with large windows that blur the line between indoors and outdoors.

With spring just around the corner, what view from your home would you like to frame?