Framing the Open Space Floor Plans Families Love

Weston kit viewThe popularity of open floor plans remains undiminished because families love the togetherness they provide. However, there can be some tricky design challenges to confront with these spaces. What happens when there are unmovable structural components or  when there is the desire to have some demarcation between rooms with different uses? Just as one captures a setting in a camera’s viewfinder, one can frame open spaces to provide architectural interest and room demarcation, handle structural components and even give some semblance of privacy.

In each of the projects below, the Feinmann design and build team figured out a way to frame the open space. In the top photograph, posts anchor counters that have no upper cabinetry and frame the extended view into the family room, providing architectural interest and hiding necessary support beams.

Belmont Kitchen View from Dining RoomBelmont KitchenThe images above show a Belmont kitchen viewed from the dining room looking into the kitchen and from the kitchen looking out. The new floor plan opens the kitchen up but leaves part of an existing wall; the originally built-in china cabinet on the dining room side and anchoring the island on the kitchen side. Below left, again the partial wall anchors the island on the kitchen side in this Newton renovation, while providing storage for cookbooks and display pieces on the other side and contains the structure holding up the original end of the house. In the Lexington project shown below, what looks like a regular wall with a cut-out on the kitchen side, becomes cabinetry on the dining room side. It provides visual separation from the kitchen yet the openings on both sides promote easy circulation and conversation!

Single Client, Multiple Projects-Newton-Kitchen AfterWinning Combination-Lexington-Kitchen After

 Winning Combination-Lexington-Dining Room After