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canstockphoto16250718We know you love your home and value your possessions. That’s why you hire Feinmann – to make your house the best it can be. Our staff works closely with clients to prepare them for the renovation process and the changes that occur along the way. Feinmann’s emphasis is on customer service so we go the extra mile when it comes to prepping and cleaning our job sites.

We’re often asked by potential clients whether they should plan to move out of their home during the construction phase of their projects. The answer is that it depends on the scope of the work and really how much temporary disruption to routine each client can comfortably tolerate. Read more…

Feinmann residential projects featured in new book: “Contemporary Boston Architects”

Feinmann.lexington.ma.cupolaOf the dozens of renovations that architect Barney Maier has designed for Feinmann over the past ten years, a Newton house stands out. Maier’s design enhanced the beauty and functionality of a stately Victorian, winning several awards and cementing his reputation as a master space planner. The highlight of this particular project was an octagonal gazebo breakfast area off of the kitchen with a soaring cupola ceiling that fit in perfectly with the style of the home. Read more…

‘Twas the Night Before Christmas – Remodeling Style

‘Twas two months before Christmas, when all through the house
Mrs Claus was all cranky so she complained to her spouse (Santa that is).
Though the stockings were hung and the elves were at work,
Mrs Claus thought St Nicholas was kinda a jerk.We all know that Santa runs a really tight ship,
Since he has to prepare for his long one night trip.
To pull off this monsterous task once a year, we all know the crew needs more than a great mood
They depend on the Mrs to come up with the food!So one day from the kitchen arose such a clatter,
The elves and ole Santa ran in to see what in heck was the matter.
While trying to cook in her mangy old kitchen,
Mrs Claus was a yellin – some might call it bitchin’.The counters were all sticky and laminate peeling,
The oven door falling off sent Mrs Claus to a reeling.
The cabinets all broken and sink faucet a dripping,
Mrs Clause in a tirade she started to ripping.

“Get out of my way” she proclaimed as she demolished the space,
“These things that are here must all be replaced.”
Finally Santa did get it he got his wives point,

He exclaimed to his reindeer “Let’s get out of this joint”.
He pulled on his coat and hat and his gloves,
To find a remodeler to build for his Love.
The kitchen she dreamed of and wanted the most,
The one that would make her the North Poles best host.
He called to his reindeer by name to each one “Now Dasher! now, Dancer! now, Prancer and Vixen!
On, Comet! On, Cupid! on, on Donner and Blitzen!
Let’s get to the office of Feinmann right quick
A brand new remodel will sure do the trick!
I will never forget the sounds on the roof,
The prancing and pawing of each little hoof.
As I looked up from my desk and was turning around,
Down the chimney St Nicholas came with a bound.We all know the story about the man dressed in fur from his head to his foot,
And his clothes were all tarnished with ashes and soot.
But when he opened the bag that was flung on his back,
You can bet the surprise to see a full set of plans rolled up in that pack.
He described the dream kitchen right down to a tee,
And asked us to build it for the Mrs and he.
He said it is perfect and that he did know,
He was sure she would love it just like she loved snow.
Plans double checked and permits all pulled
Cabinets and fixtures all delivered in full
The project began we went straight to our work
We all kept our focus not a one he did sherk.
Now our job is complete and punch list all done,
The elves and the Big Man are due for some fun.
Mrs Claus will be cooking all her pies and her cakes
NOW, she will happily do whatever it takes!
Now Mrs Claus never leaves her new Feinmann kitchen,
We know we succeeded with the Great North Pole mission.
So if in the future you worry about Santa’s round belly,
Rest assured it will continue to shake like a bowlful of jelly
As we packed up our trucks, to our team we did whistle,
And away we all flew like a nuclear missile.
But we heard HER exclaim, ‘ere we left for the day,
”Happy Christmas to all, and put your dishes away!”

Written By, Tammy Russo, Senior Production Manager and ‘Project Manager of the Year – 2011’ PRISM Award Winner 

Getting to Know Peter Feinmann

This week we thought we’d get to know the captain of our ship by asking him some questions that have been on our minds…

     1.    What inspires you in talking with clients about a design|build project?

 The best part of my job is speaking with clients and identifying the key element that is driving them towards a renovation project.  Everyone wants a new kitchen, but what most people really want is a kitchen so they can gather with their friends and families. The kitchen is where this happens. Once we understand what is important to our clients, we continue to reinforce that with every stage of our process. Read more…

On Tammy – Ode to a Great Project Manager

Some of you have asked to see Tammy Russo’s winning submission to the 2011 Silver PRISM Award for Project Manager of the Year. Our clients say it best, so we’ve selected some of the highlights from their letters that were included in the winning submission:


 ‘ “What in the —- is a plinth?!?” we thought to ourselves as Tammy was explaining a way for improving the look of the interface between a while wall and baseboard molding and a protruding (“proud,” we were to learn) maple cabinet. This perfect suggestion is just one example of how Tammy was able to apply her extensive knowledge, gained over the course of countless projects and life experiences, to help us solve many a design or implementation dilemma. In each case, Tammy was ready with an answer that made sense and was in line with the look and feel we wanted to achieve.

All that said about her knowledge, skills and style, we’re convinced that the key factor in Tammy’s ability to deliver the positive experience we had is that she was able to keep in true harmony with our ongoing situation and feelings – listening – sensing – the wavelengths we were on.  One morning, around the time that the project was nearing completion, we were frantically preparing to entertain in support of our son’s imminent wedding, fretting over how we could put the best face on our almost-finished but still-in-disarray abode – when out of the blue a cleaning crew arrived, along with a breathtaking arrangement of unusual flowers and vegetation, and a selection of delectable desserts.  Almost instantly, we felt relaxed and ready.’

– S.K and A.N.


‘Beyond the scheduling and coordination of the project, Tammy took the time to get to know us, to field our seeming endless list of questions, and to provide us with the benefit of her years of experience when we were unclear of a direction to take.  We truly felt she was invested in the project, and wanted the best for us and for our home.  We, without question, would want Tammy to manage any future projects in our home.



On winning the award…


‘If there were an award for best project manager ever, you would deserve it. In the meantime, congratulations on the project manager of the year award. You are the best and it’s great to see this publicly acknowledged by the industry.’

– D. & M.


Congratulations Tammy!!!

Tammy Russo, Senior Production Manager, has been with Feinmann Design|Build since 1993.


Welcome to our journal, Creating and Design Smart, Beautiful Spaces. We, at Feinmann Design|Build, thought it was time to join the 21st Century and continue to communicate with our friends and clients so we can keep you updated on the ever changing Design and Build Residential Industry. In the next several months, you can expect to read ideas and thoughts about our industry from a number of our architectural/design and building staff. We think we bring a special perspective since we are in the unusual position of being the architects, designers and builders all under one company. We believe we bring one VOICE to an industry where many people can only bring one perspective. So, we hope you find this ongoing conversation helpful to you as you consider how you might make your home better meet your needs.

Our favorite people are our clients and as you can guess, clients are more educated and savvy than we have seen in 24 years of business. But clients are continually overwhelmed by the amount of information that is before them as they choose to remodel their homes. In the past, our clients chose from a handful of tile, but now there are many choices in the tile showrooms and then you can go home and do more research on the web. And it is so easy to get stuck in the thought that if you don’t research all of the options, you will make a mistake that you will have to live with for many years. And while you are obsessing about your decisions, you e-mail your plans, tile selections, colors, cabinet choices to your mother, sister, your old friend the architect and whoever else seems interested. And if you don’t think you were overwhelmed before you did this, wait until you get feedback from everyone whom you discussed this with.

I can say that you should simply come to Feinmann and let our expertise guide you through your myriad of decisions but I would be unrealistic to think this is how one will act in this internet age. But when you do work with competent and well educated professionals, one can begin to filter the feedback you receive from “experts” and real experts. So enjoy this conversation. Trust that remodeling your home can be a satisfying and enjoyable process and that the end result will bring great joy to you and your family.

Peter Feinmann