Feinmann Finds – The Kitchen Bible

We always love sharing resources with our clients and readers, especially books in which our projects are featured. Over the years we have been asked to participate in a number of publications. One of our favorite writers to work with is Barbara Ballinger. Her new book “The Kitchen Bible: Designing the perfect culinary space” has recently been published and is available on Amazon.

Our Newport kitchen appears in the “Style Makers” chapter. Indeed it is a stunning space with its use of stainless steel appliances, white cabinetry and tile, and apple green painted accents (including walls). Although this project was done within the same footprint, the innovative plan called for swapping the old kitchen space for the new open family room space and making the former closed off family room, the new open kitchen.

Feinmann 6 13 Newport livingrm 1 webFeinmann 6 13 Newport kitchen 1

In the chapter “Family Friendly Hubs” one of our Lexington kitchen renovations is also featured. By adding a small amount of square footage, the new kitchen layout afforded the homeowner the large, center island she’d always dreamed of.

Sadofsky kit backsplashSadofsky kit rear view

The Kitchen Bible has great tips for anyone undertaking a kitchen project. The photographs are beautiful and inspiring. We are honored to have been asked.