Design Dreams for Father’s Day 2015

inkstamp fathers dayPlanning to celebrate the father(s) in your life this weekend? What if you could wave a magic wand and design Dad the room of his dreams? Would it be a man cave or a hobby spot? Would it be a deluxe game room or a cozy study? How about a dedicated exercise room with a sauna?

We asked members of our staff to think of their dream spaces. Dave W. said he would build an adult tree-house, complete with a wet bar, TV and comfortable seating. His ideal room is outdoors. The past couple of years we’ve written about wonderful porches, sunrooms and decks that blend inside and outside. These are great for barbecuing and entertaining. Outdoor kitchens continue to grow in popularity, especially in more temperate climates. But what about someplace in your house or on your property just for Dad (unless invited…)?

toolbox fridge FrontgateSteve P. said he would love to design a post-and-beam barn that housed a workshop. In addition to his work area, there would be room for furniture and a dining table. He would be able to work on projects and relax there, too. We think he needs this refrigerator disguised as a toolbox!

Tom suggested a place to watch sports on TV. We’re thinking Buddy Room or Man Cave. These can be extravagant, simple or themed. The same idea goes for designing the game room, filled with a pool table, ping pong table, pinball machines, chess set, or whatever games get your blood racing.

Beacon Hill Condo Tatami RoomComing back down to earth, we’ve created flexible meditation spaces that also can serve as a playroom or guest room. In a Beacon Hill condominium project, Shoji screens make the Tatami room private when needed yet filter light into the hallway.

Kyle would build a luxury office, “nicely appointed with a large desk, two leather chairs and a table. Rich, plush mahogany paneling and a smoke-eater for the occasional cigar.” Kyle’s dream dark-and-cozy space would have a great sound system, too.

Elvin suggested a Whiskey & Bourbon bar in a cigar room or a wine cellar. Peter has already created his exercise/yoga/meditation studio on the third floor of his home.

Turning dreams into reality is Feinmann’s specialty

Creating a special room for Dad doesn’t have to be only a pipe dream. We’ve built offices, studios and apartments above garages, in basements and in backyards. Our team of architects, architectural designers, project managers and lead carpenters can take your idea and turn it into the place you’ll be celebrating Father’s Day next year!