Your Kitchen: the Heart of Your Home

Susan Branch wrote a series of cookbooks entitled “Heart of the Home” that included recipes and wisdom from her Martha Vineyard’s kitchen. Kitchens evoke that kind of heart-centered activity, especially during the holiday season.

Whether preparing a favorite meal or gathering with family and friends, our kitchens are the nerve center – the hub – of our homes. We savor the flavors life offers and create memories there.


old kitchenThe question is: do you love your kitchen? We hope the answer is yes, but often the answer is no. And sometimes homeowners do not know how to change their kitchens into places they love and look forward to spending time in every day.


We hear over and over from our clients how remodeling their kitchens not only transformed the space but the way they live in it. And nothing makes us happier or more satisfied than knowing we’ve created a warm, functional, smart, beautiful space for a family.


So if your kitchen doesn’t work as well as you’d like it to or you’d like to be among those who love their kitchens, give us a call and let us figure out how to turn the hub of your home into the heart of your home! Winter is a great time to start planning and designing a project so by next holiday season, you’ll be cooking and entertaining in style. Visit our photo gallery of kitchens for inspiration!


Wishing you all a festive holiday and happy 2013.  Spread joy!