Feinmann Finds: Rustic Elegance

As we all know, styles come and go in fashion, cars and home décor. As Heidi Klum would say, “One day you’re in and the next, you’re out.” So it’s no surprise when a particular look cycles back into popularity. The country look has made a comeback but now the style is called rustic elegance. You don’t have to live in a log cabin or a barn to enjoy this trend.

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Divine Intervention for a Burlington Ranch

Feinmann Inc Burlington MA before photoA Burlington, MA couple hired Feinmann to expand their cramped, yet iconic, 1960s raised ranch house while keeping within a modest budget. An earlier design created by another firm planned a rear addition to the house, which would have required an extensive kitchen renovation. Modern design lovers, the homeowners ultimately chose Feinmann’s fresh approach to reconfiguring the way they would live in their home. The design team found an alternative solution that would create a connection to the house from the garage with a new entry and ample living area: all while preserving the character of the original, endearing ranch house. Read more…

Feinmann Finds…Shine On: High Gloss Lacquered Cabinets

Would you park your gleaming new, Ferrari in your kitchen? Probably not. But now there’s another way to bring some shine to your kitchen with high gloss lacquered cabinetry. These contemporary cabinets get their sheen with layers of sprayed lacquer paint, similar to the technique used on luxury automobiles.

Feinmann kitchen

This kitchen combines white, high gloss cabinets from Elmwood Cabinetry with maple cabinets from Greenfield.

Feinmann recently installed two kitchens with high gloss white cabinetry from Elmwood Kitchens – one with integrated pulls and one without hardware that uses a magnetic touch system. “It is a pristine, modern look,” says Kate Yurgelun, Feinmann designer. “They’re easy to maintain, too, strong and durable.”

Another option for a clean, glossy look is the acrylic, slab front doors from cabinet manufacturer Spazzi. Imported from Spain, the cabinets come in a variety of colors and patterns from white-on-white floral to subtle multi-colored stripes. Get your shine on with high gloss lacquered cabinets.


Feinmann Finds…Mirror, Mirror

modern mirrored backsplashMirror, mirror on the wall, how did you get to be one of the fastest growing backsplash trends of all?  We all expect to find mirrors in the bathroom and bedroom. In the 1950s and ’60s, smoky mirrored walls were all the rage. Now comes another use for mirrors – in an unexpected place – the kitchen.

Windows across from the backsplash are reflected, giving the illusion that the backsplash is a window rather than a mirror. The mirror further serves to bounce light from the windows, providing more natural light in the space between the countertops and under the upper cabinetry.  On a continuous wall, the use of mirrors can be quite effective, especially when combined with glass front cabinets. In addition, mirrors can make the space look bigger.

Mirrors work in both contemporary and traditional style kitchens, letting you decide which spot is the fairest of them all!

House Beautiful mirrored backsplash

Feinmann Finds…The Perfect Round Table

Room and Board Benson tableOne of our clients was recently faced with a design dilemma and shared her solution with us for Feinmann Finds. The beautifully renovated eating area in Miriam Sadofsky’s kitchen was too narrow for a 48″ round table. She tried a 36″ table but found that it was too small for the space and thus began her search for the perfect 42″ round table. Read more…

Feinmann Finds…Looking Upwards: Architectural Ceilings

Favorite products and design elements from the Feinmann Design Build team

Ceilings are often the forgotten element in home renovations but they need not be. “Just as decorative woodwork like molding and wainscoting can enhance a simple room design, so can a tray or coffered ceiling,” says Feinmann Project Manager Chris Tobin. Think of your ceiling as a canvas – an architectural element that shows off your creativity. Here are five architectural ceiling ideas to encourage you to look upward.

1)   Coffered: Intersecting beams create the coffered effect. They can be square, rectangular, diamond or oval shaped.

Feinmann-Winchester-MA-Elegant Bath

Feinmann-Design Build Manchester-by-the-Sea living room






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Feinmann Finds…Let There Be Light!

Every Friday we bring you unique and interesting products and design elements for your home, suggested by our fantastic team at Feinmann.

An exceptional lighting fixture can bring a space to life. “Clients often want to make a dramatic statement by using a unique lighting fixture as the focal point in a room. A simple design can be enhanced with a novel fixture over a kitchen island or dining room table,” says Feinmann interior designer Kate Yurgelun. She chose three fixtures for this week’s Feinmann Finds. You can find these fabulous lighting fixtures (from left to right Adirondack, Tango and Mambo) from Corbett and Troy in a WaterSpot showroom.

Adirondack fixture by Troy Lighting

Mambo fixture by Corbett LightingTango fixture by Troy Lighting